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How to handle a hammer

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We are going to teach ourselves the art of hammering. Hammering requires a certain amount of skill & knowledge to avoid hurting yourself or destroying a piece of wood. There are several things you need to learn including what type of hammer goes for what type of situation, how to swing a hammer & how to be safe when using a hammer.
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Hammer Types
16 ounce claw hammer
The most popular hammer around, it has a curved back which is perfect for pulling out nails.

16 ounce ripping hammer
Mostly used for small demolition jobs, unlike the claw hammer this hammer has a straight back which is  perfect for ripping things up. This is also used in heavy carpentry work & framing houses.

Rubber mallet
Used on finished-metal surface, leather work, upholstery work & on plasterboard.

Wooden mallet
Generally used by carpenters for wood work.

Soft-face hammer
Generally used for shaping metal sheets, jewellery shaping & home maintenance.

Ball peen hammer
Mostly used to shape metal sheets & blacksmithing. In the old times it was used a lot for sword & knife making.

Mason’s hammer
Used mostly in concrete applications, the back of this hammer can chisel through brick & stone.

Upholstery hammer
Used in upholstery fabric & furniture to drive small nails & tacks.

Drywall hammer
Used mainly for plaster & gypsum works. The axe side of the hammer is used to clear cut wall openings for outlets & such.

10 pound sledge hammer
This is used for Heavy duty work such as destruction work, mining operations & hand steel.

How to handle a hammer
Once you’ve chosen the best hammer for your purpose from above, it’s now time to learn how to use it properly.
Holding the hammer
Depending on what type of work one is doing, the hold needs to be different. For huge force, one needs to hold the hammer by its end for extra leverage. For extra precision the hammer should be held from a point close to the head. You should always hold the hammer as if you’re shaking someone’s hand.

Placing the Nail
Hold the nail just beneath its head & into the point where you want to drive it. Holding the hammer close to its head(for precision) slowly hit the nail so it starts driving into the material. Once the nail is in a position where it can stand without you holding it, remove your hand. Now hold the hammer by its end & gradually increase the force driving the nail further into the material.

Prevent the wood from splitting
In addition to the pilot hole(The hole created by slowly punching the nail into the material) one can lubricate the nails with beeswax. This prevents the wood from splitting.

Swing from the elbow for power, swing from the wrist for precision.

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