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How to change a flat tire

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Just like knowing how to jump-start a car, knowing how to change a flat tire makes a man more manly. Flat tires always seem to come at inconvenient times such as when you’re wearing that new suit or going to work. Changing a flat tire is an easy job for a man, you only need to remember a couple of things and your set.
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Tools you need(Keep Them In the car at ALL times) - Spare tire, Jack, lug wrench
1. Park your car on a flat surface
If you get a flat tire in the middle of the road, push your car further & into the side of the road so you won’t block traffic.
Make sure you put the Hand brake on
2. Remove the Hubcap if your car has them
3. Loosen the nuts
Using the lug wrench, loosen up all the nuts on the flat tire but don’t take them off yet. These are usually really tight so you’ll have to use your strength. Remember to turn anti-clockwise to loosen the nuts. If they are really tight, try to put more leverage on the lever of the lug wrench, this will make it easier. If they are really impossible to loosen up with your hands, try slowly jumping on the wrench – that should do the trick.
4. Place the jack underneath the car
Start raising the jack until it hits the bottom of the car.
5. Jack the car up
Slowly raise the jack until the tire is high enough that it could be removed from the car
6. Remove the flat tire
Completely remove the lug nuts from the tire & remove the tire from the car.
7. Put the Spare tire in
Grab the spare tire from the trunk & slip it in instead of the flat tire. Now put on the lug nuts & tighten them by hand until they are firm.
8. Tighten the lug nuts
Using the lug wrench turn clockwise this time to tighten the lug nuts. You will have to use lots of strength as these should be really tight to avoid the tire flying off when driving in the middle of that highway.
These tightening patterns should be used for maximum power.
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